Customer Testimonials

“The subject matter presented in the training class was current and useful. The real life situations and events experienced by both instructors and included in the training materials added to the value of the class.”

Rich Wojnicki

“The Certification Program had great information and excellent learning tools. The speakers were interesting and knowledgeable. Thanks so much for your support. I highly recommend attending.”

Kathy PurcellBSA/Compliance Officer, Mainstreet Community Bank of Florida.

“Great training! Relaxed setting, outstanding presenters. Look forward to attending again.”

Janet AllenF&M Bank and Trust Co, Missouri

“AWESOME! Once again, thanks for doing this. I really enjoyed it and I met a lot of nice people.”

Cheryl Tanenbaum

“I enjoyed my first meeting and felt the speaker provided me with some great information on conducting a risk assessment. I’ve had never done one before, and felt his plain English approach was very helpful.”

Linda JoubenJefferson Bank Florida

“This was my first time where I actually used our AMLA circle to verify an important question for me. It was fantastic to have a place to go. What a great tool in our ongoing quest to stay on top of everything!”

Gail VaughnBSA Officer Surety Bank

“I believe the Anti-Money Laundering Association will prove to be invaluable to all those that join.”

Jody Schmidt CRCM Corporate Risk Officer Federal Trust Bank 312 West First Street Sanford, Florida 32771