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Happy Thanksgiving!

As we look forward to the Thanksgiving holiday this week, there are numerous things to be thankful for. Our great American freedoms, good health, financial stability, and having wonderful family and friends are among many of our greatest blessings that we should be grateful for. We must also remember that gratitude is another part of […]

Happy Independence Day!

Summer time in the United States can be celebrated with outdoor activities, picnics and barbecues. Families and friends join together to enjoy nice weather and spend quality time together. Though summer starts on June 21st, for some it is not official until the 4th of July, a day that marks many beginnings for Americans. One important […]

Thought of the Day: What if no one was watching?

By Mary Davis Meile A gatekeeper position is critical and can be compared to a watchman on the wall. During ancient times the watchman would sit on a tower overlooking the entire city, ready to alert of any impending danger. Security was not complete without watchmen in their places, shouting, or reporting what they saw […]

July 4th, A Time To be Thankful For Our Freedom

As the 4th of July arrives upon us, Patriots all across the Untied States will be celebrating the day of our Independence. Year after year we have the opportunity to reflect on the day our Declaration of Independence was signed, which gave us independence from the tyrannical British King George III. Thomas Jefferson, the main […]

They Gave Their Lives, We Owe Them Respect

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who lost their lives while serving in our country’s armed forces. It is formerly known as Decoration Day, and commemorates all men and women who have died in military service for the United States. The first large-scale observance of what was […]

What is Wildlife Trafficking and Illicit Trade?

The AMLA is beginning to reach out to numerous nonprofit and governmental organizations, national and international, that are at the forefront of battling wildlife trafficking and the illicit trade of wildlife, wildlife products, and flora and fauna. We feel it is very important to do as much as we can in this effort in order […]