Code of Standards

The AMLA code of standards and professional conduct apply to all members. The AMLA reserves the right to deny membership to any applicant who does not qualify, made false representations on their application, or is determined by the Board of Directors and/or Membership committee to have engaged in any unethical activity and or violate The AMLA Code of Standards and Professional Conduct.

The following are written guidelines for the AMLA Code of Standards and Professional Conduct that must be adhered to as a member of the AMLA. By applying and registering to be a member of the AMLA you agree to these set of standards. If you do not agree, please contact and we will remove you from our members list.

  • You have never been convicted of fraud or any other felony. If you are convicted in the future, you will immediately notify the AMLA and resign your membership.
  • Misrepresentation of the AMLA in any manner, including AMLA credentials related to the professional designation certification program and any written materials.
  • Any false or misleading oral or written statements that cause reputation or business damage to the AMLA, advisory board, members and partners.
  • Unauthorized use of the AMLA website and material. This includes all copyrighted material, AMLA name, trademark, service marks and logo.
  • No misuse of the AMLA user Forum for personal gain, harassment of others, or exploitation. No obscene, foul language, acts of violence, racial, hatred, or abusive actions will be tolerated and are subject to immediate dismissal.
  • Not adhering to the AMLA Code of Standards and Professional Conduct.