22 people indicted in drug trafficking, money laundering scheme

TULSA, Okla. – Authorities say more than a dozen people have been indicted on money laundering and drug trafficking charges.

Officials say the money laundering scheme was based out of Casa Herrera and Servicios Perez in east Tulsa.

Investigators allege that the suspects would take photos of business customers’ IDs and form a library of them for drug traffickers to use while wiring drug proceeds back to Mexico. The IDs belonged to unknowing locals who used the business legitimately to send money to families.

Authorities say the alleged traffickers would then give money to the business for helping them with the operation. The wire transfers were structured to prevent drawing attention to their operation from federal investigators.

However, officials told FOX 23 that they got sloppy and used one man’s ID enough times that it was flagged.

In all, 22 people connected to the business were indicted on the charges.